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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't fill a bin every week?

You’d be surprised! About 60% of your waste is compostable, and you’d be shocked at just how much you can compost! Because we accept harder-to-compost materials like meat, dairy, bones, and compostable plastics, our bins fill up pretty quickly.

We encourage you to give our two-week free trial a go and if you still think it’s not a good fit, you can cancel at any time!

I live in a gated community/apartment building. How will collections work?

We service thousands of apartment dwellers! If a code/FOB/keycard is required to access your front door, most members share the access code with us upon sign up or arrange for us to obtain a guest FOB/keycard from your apartment complex.If obtaining the accessibility materials is not possible, we can arrange a designated drop-off spot in a common area of your building.

We can leave your bins in a parking garage, with a concierge, in a lobby - it is truly dependent upon your individual building’s needs. Once we establish where we will be servicing your bins, we then add this information to your member record for our drivers to see each week.

Do I have to worry about smells or odor from the bins?

That is a common concern. However, we’ve designed our service to prevent just that! Our bins come with airtight lids so no smells will come through. We also deliver a fresh, clean bin each week. You’ll also find that composting helps reduce the smell from your trash can. Win-win!

How do I earn compost?

It all starts with composting! Each week when our drivers stop by to swap your bin(s), they weigh your bin(s) so you can see your impact in your Member Dashboard.

From there, you automatically earn 25% of that total weight back in finished compost that accumulates in your “Compost Bank” until you’re ready to use it! Once you’re ready for a delivery, you can log into your Member Dashboard at any time to request to have it delivered.

If you don’t need your earned compost, you can choose to share it with a local garden or urban farm through our Garden Partner Program. Either way, you choose how you close the loop!