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Composting is the Easiest Way to Go Green

Posted by Dustin 5 years, 11 months ago

Are you looking for a way to make your life a little more sustainable? Composting is a great way to lower your environmental footprint while replenishing the soil and giving back to the earth. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding composting to your lifestyle. 

1. Composting dramatically reduces the amount of trash you make.

Did you know that more than 30% of household waste is compostable? That means about a third of the stuff you throw away on a daily basis really isn't trash at all, and doesn't belong in the garbage. We're talking about fruit & vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, stale bread, soiled paper, leftovers, and a bunch of other stuff that you may not have realized is compostable. By the simple act of composting at home, you immediately start diverting hundreds of pounds of food scraps from the landfill every single year. After just 3 years, the average household will have diverted an entire ton of food waste from the landfill. Talk about a small change making a huge impact!

NOTE: Here's another way to think about it: if you are already recycling, compostables account for 60% of what's left in your trash. Take that out of your waste stream and you are well on your way to a zero waste household.

Now obviously none of us are thrilled about the idea of making trash, but why exactly is keeping food scraps out of the waste basket such a big deal? Well, if you are a fan of living on this planet, the landfill is literally the last place you want to send your food scraps. When your compostables find their way into a landfill, they are suffocated under tons of garbage and forced to break down in a way that releases methane gas, which is a powerful greenhouse gas, 22 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.

It turns out that landfills are the second largest source of methane gas in the US, and account for 20% of of our nation's greenhouse gas emissions. Can you guess where all of that landfill methane is coming from?  That's right, food scraps and other organic materials. So by keeping banana peels and coffee grounds out of the trash, you're keeping greenhouse gasses out of your atmosphere.

2. Composting builds soil to grow a greener future

So we've seen how putting our landfills on a "no food waste diet" by composting is an effective way to fight global warming, but when it comes to the benefits of composting, reducing waste is only half story.

When you compost, you're basically taking the nutrients and energy that is trapped in your food scraps and breaking them down into a natural soil amendment, which can then be used to grow gardens and fertilize landscapes. Think of compost like plant food; the more we make, the more plants we can grow. And, unlike some chemical fertilizers, compost will not run off your yard and pollute your city’s creeks and waterways.

Remember that sir Elton John tune about the Circle of Life? By composting, you are closing the loop and feed nutrients back into that natural cycle. By composting, you are recycling the remains of the past in order to grow a greener future.

3. Composting is easy to do.

We all want to do the right thing. Going green is about

While it may seem scary to start something new,

Composting is really just the next logical step in recycling. For those of us already recycling at home, composting is just like adding one more step to your recycling routine.  Simply keep your compost bin on your kitchen counter or tucked away in the pantry and toss compostable items there, instead of the trash.

While collecting food scraps in your kitchen can be a breeze, the tricky part can be figuring out what to do with those materials once they are separated.  Backyard composting takes time and energy. Plus, you need space.

The easiest way to compost is to team up with a compost shuttle service like CompostNow. Not only do we provide you with a compost bin to collect your organics and fridge magnet to remind you what goes in the compost, we come by once a week to switch your full bin for a clean empty one.  With our weekly collection service, you get all the benefits of composting without any of the mess or hassle managing a backyard compost pile.  Plus, when you're ready to give your garden or houseplants a little TLC, we deliver finished compost right to your door.  Click here to learn more about how the program works.

The next time you are about to toss your apple core in the trash, remember that your food scraps are alive, vibrant, and full of energy.  The choice is yours whether to send them to rot in a landfill, or to recycling them into a greener future. Composting is a simple and practical solution with a big impact, and CompostNow is here to help make it work for you!

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