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Summer Composting Tips featuring Magg Ot!

Posted by Kat 1 year, 6 months ago

Who is Magg Ot? 

It's Magg Ot here giving you a few composting tips and tricks for the summer months while my esteemed colleague, Mike Robe, is taking some well deserved time off from his food scrap obsession. It doesn't surprise me that I haven't been mentioned here until now. I am "nature's unsung hero" after all! Nonetheless, I've been around. 

While Mike Robe is off at the beach, the height of the summer is my time to shine. In fact, I have seen a few of you around lately as I have been wiggling my way through some tasty food scraps with a hundred or more of my best pals. When we all get together, we like to grub! We can put away a serious amount of food scraps (twice our body weight every day!). 

I often hear feedback that our parties can get out of hand and that we are a bit "unsightly." Maybe one day, the rest of the world will join our party and wake up to the transformation that is possible! In the meantime, check out our summer composting tips below to help make your summer composting experience a beachy breeze. 

Until then, smell ya later dirt dorks! 
Magg Ot

Psss: Curious to learn more about me? Check out this fascinating article!

Summer Composting Tips & Tricks 

1. Set Skips
Headed to the beach for vacation? Say hey to Mike Robe while you're there! If you don’t need a collection, you can set service skips via your Member Dashboard and receive a $5 credit.

2. Avoid Smells
If you notice some smells due to the heat, never fear! We have a few ways to avoid this such as storing your bin in a cool, dry, and shaded area, freezing stinkier food scraps in the freezer until collection day, and/or adding more carbon to the top of your bin (like paper towels or small pieces of cardboard!). 

3. Avoid Unwanted Pests
Add a touch of vinegar or a couple of pinches of salt to your bin to deter pests. You can also wash items like fruit peels and veggie skins before placing in bins. In general, snapping the lid on your bin all the way shut (press down all four corners, plus the center) will help avoid smells and pests.  

4. Switch Plans
To fit your needs better during this time, it may be best for you to temporarily switch plans. If you are a biweekly member, moving to our weekly service during the hottest months helps avoid any potential smells. Or, if you find your bin filling up faster because of all the fruits and veggies that are in season, you can add an extra bin for a few months by changing your service plan (just $6 more a month!). This is easy to do anytime through your Member Dashboard!

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