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Why We Love Jubala Coffee

Posted by Nick in Family & Community 5 years, 9 months ago
It’s a beautiful morning in Raleigh, NC to be driving to Jubala Coffee. The objective of this trip? To enjoy one of their highly addictive sweet biscuits with maple bacon, cheddar cheese, & an over-medium egg with a hot cup of coffee. To make things even sweeter, Jubala composts their extra food waste.

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How to Recycle Your Christmas Trees: 2016-17 Holiday Season

Posted by Nick in Bulletin, Family & Community, Self 5 years, 11 months ago
A common question we receive from our members around the holidays is whether we collect and recycle Christmas trees. We do not, because this service is already offered through your municipality yard waste service. Just make sure to remove all ornaments, lights, and stands!

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Food Lovers Rejoice, It's Raleigh Restaurant Week!

Posted by Dustin in Family & Community 6 years, 3 months ago
In case you haven’t heard, we are currently knee deep in one of the most delicious events of the year in Raleigh.  That’s right, Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week is upon us!  Produced by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, this week is a great opportunity to support the local Raleigh food scene while checking a few restaurants off of your bucket list! Not only can you nab some great deals, you may find yourself tasting special off-menu items, curated by the chef just for Restaurant Week.  

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Community Gardens Tackle Modern Problems

Posted by Joe in Family & Community 9 years, 10 months ago
A community garden is more than a place for growing food and flowers. It is a place for people of different ages and backgrounds to gather, learn, and work together to create something beautiful, useful and healthy. This doesn’t discount the importance of the food that comes out of a community garden. Not only is it as fresh as possible, it is also nearly as local as it can get. Now imagine the difference in taste!

Guest post by Natalie Ross

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A Garden is Born: Part 1

Posted by Joe in Earth & Planet, Family & Community 9 years, 10 months ago
We are so lucky! We keep talking about this amazing community that we get to interact with every day, so naturally we're gonna show off how awesome y'all are.

First up, meet Natalie: Natalie Ross is obsessed with compost and its role as a nutrient-recycling powerhouse. She lives in Durham, NC, and she studies natural resource management at NC State University. She aims to help people understand and appreciate that they are beautiful part of nature's cycles. Her dreams are to play a role in ending the unnatural and unnecessary chemical horrors that our earth's soils are exposed to and to help in eliminating the needless disposal of organic matter in landfills.

And this is her story.

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